BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Shocked and caught off guard is how Dianna Payton describes her reaction to Colin Kaepernick’s generous donation.

“It was surprising but it was also like a blessing and almost seem surreal.”

The former 49ers quarter back and free agent along with the Robert F. Kennedy human rights organization — announced they are donating one million dollars to bail-funds across the country.

“We provide assistance for individuals who cannot afford to bail out of jail for non-violent offenses” said Dianna Payton, C.E.O. of Y.W.C.A of Greater Baton Rouge.

YWCA of greater Baton Rouge started their bail-fund in 2018. Since then, they have bailed out nearly 100 people during the Christmas holiday, mother’s day and most recently on Juneteenth.

“It’s an immediate transfer of where you see the good work and the hard work able to directly connect with someone and change their lives.”

Payton calls the bail-fund an essential tool, something that helps many people when they reach a low point in their lives.

“We’re talking about individuals who, if they had the money to go home, they would. But because they lack the funding or the resources to come up with a thousand dollars or five thousand dollars to be able to return home, they’re sitting in a prison waiting for their trial date.”

The funding will be used to progress their efforts — something Payton said is unlike any other bail-fund project.

“We’re not looking to just bail you out, but to help you so you don’t end up back in the situation.”

Now with a generous donation — she said, the gift is a blessing and there are not enough “thank you” to say.

“Your gift will help us serve more people, help us get more people home, help people get the services that they really need instead of sitting in a jail cell.”