BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The Companion Animal Alliance has more than 300 animals in its facility, but there’s a problem. The agency has less than 200 dog kennels.

“If you’ve even thought, ‘Hmm, maybe I want to adopt. Maybe there’s something out there for me,’ now’s the time,” said Morgan Talluto, Development Director at Companion Animal Alliance.

One animal in need of a home is named Bramble, she’s been waiting to be adopted for months.

Talluto said, “She is a two-year-old mixed breed, cutie pie. Unfortunately, there are plenty more just like her.”

Amid inflation, apartment complexes changing pet rules, and a number of other setbacks, Companion Animal Alliance is under pressure.

Talluto said the organization has 305 or so animals, adding, “And there’s more coming in every hour. And we only have 177 dog kennels. So, we’re at a critical mass. We need fosters adopters, volunteers, donations of supplies or monetary donations, whatever it may be.”

Employees are using innovative methods to make sure every animal is cared for.

Talluto said, “We have about 15 to 20 candles in an area that was once used as our food room, and then we’ll use hallways to pop up candles just so we can get over that hump.”

Unfortunately, they cannot live like this forever.

Employees will soon have to make the hard decision regarding which animals will stay and which animals will be euthanized.

But if more people help, such tough decisions won’t need to be made.

Talluto said Companion Animal Alliance will provide tools to those who want to help but lack the supplies needed to care for a dog.

From kennels to dog food and even leashes, CAA is making it easier for community members to foster and adopt.

“We’ve waived adoption fees,” Talluto said. “We want you to take all the restrictions. Anything. A hurdle that you might have to get over to do this. Take it away. Let’s go. Let’s get you a dog.”

The organization said that more than 100 dogs must go soon.