BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – A man previously arrested on other charges in the Nathan Millard death investigation now faces new charges, Baton Rouge police say.

On Monday, March 20, Derrick Perkins, 45, of Baton Rouge was arrested on charges of unlawful disposal of remains, obstruction of justice, simple criminal damage to property and failure to seek assistance.

Perkins was taken into custody and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on Tuesday on three counts of access to device fraud charges.

Nathan Millard, 42, of Georgia was last seen in downtown Baton Rouge on Wednesday, Feb. 22 before his disappearance. His body was found on March 6 near Scenic Highway.

Georgia man likely died of accidental overdose, arrest documents say

The Baton Rouge Police Department said detectives learned that Millard had accidentally overdosed at a house on E. Washington Street and Lori Burgess Avenue. Perkins is accused of wrapping and dumping the body in the 2000 block of Ontario Street and Lobelia Street.

According to arrest documents, Perkins rode around Baton Rouge with Millard’s body inside the truck of the car for two to four days.

An affidavit outlines a timeline of Millard’s disappearance and investigation into his death.

Timeline of investigation into disappearance, death of Nathan Millard

Thursday, Feb. 23

Baton Rouge police said Millard was reported missing on this date. Investigators learned that the Georgia man was in Baton Rouge on a business trip.

Image of Nathan Millard, 42, of Georgia provided by BRPD.

An affidavit stated that Millard was last seen alive on camera footage around 4 a.m. at a convenience store on Nicholson Drive.

Sunday, Feb. 26

Investigators started tracking Millard’s physical and digital footprint as well as talking to “numerous” people who may have been with him before his disappearance, according to an affidavit.

Monday, Feb. 27

Camera footage showed Millard at multiple places on Wednesday, Feb. 22 starting at 10:17 p.m. He was reportedly seen leaving Happy’s Irish Pub on 3rd Street and walking eastbound on Florida Street until he reached the Greyhound bus station.

Police documents said Millard talked to a bus station employee who offered to help Millard call a ride. According to an affidavit, he told the employee that he was “looking for something to make me feel better” and searching for a woman to bring back to his hotel.

BRPD said investigators learned Millard had arrived at the bus station with another man and used the ATM before leaving.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

According to police documents, during a stakeout, investigators learned that Millard had been introduced to a prostitute and a man. Police said further investigation led detectives to learn that Millard was with a suspected drug dealer nicknamed “Stanka,” whose real name is Derrick Perkins.

Baton Rouge police learned that Perkins was driving a light blue car the night he was with Millard. The car belonged to another person and was altered, according to police. BRPD said changes made to the car included spray painting the front bumper, hood and front quarter panels. The rear bumper was altered and the license plate was changed “several times,” police documents said.

Monday, March 6

Millard’s body was found.

Thursday, March 9

Detectives got Perkins’ contact information and access to phone records. Police said records showed that there were no pings after March 6. The affidavit stated that camera footage from March 5 spotted the car linked to Perkins after midnight.

Monday, March 13

The car was found burned less than half a mile from where Millard’s body was found, BRPD said. Investigators said a cadaver K-9 signaled a positive alert to the presence of human decomposition in the trunk.

Tuesday, March 14

Perkins was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and charged with probation violation, criminal damage to property, three counts of access device fraud and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Wednesday, March 15

A search warrant was conducted at Perkins’ home where the same material used to wrap Millard’s body was found by Baton Rouge police.

Monday, March 20

Perkins is arrested by police as a suspect in Millard’s disappearance.