BAKER, La. (BRPROUD) — A 20-year-old man is in the hospital after being involved in a shooting in Baker at a city workshop.

City of Baker Police Chief Carl Dunn said the two workers left their jobs on Monday, Aug. 28 after arguing and continued the altercation which ended in a shooting around 4 p.m. The shooting happened in the 2600 block of Groom Road. One man was taken into custody and the other man was shot and taken to the hospital. Police identified the suspect as Trenton Brown.

During the investigation, police interviewed three witnesses. The first witness said Brown got into an argument with another member of the workshop and reportedly left work upset and went to get a gun.

The first witness also said the victim began walking to his home on Groom Road after the workshop when Brown returned to work looking for the victim but left to head in the same direction as the victim. The first witness said they heard gunshots coming from the direction of both Brown and the victim.

A second witness told detectives they went to the area after the shooting had stopped and saw the victim walking home. The witness said the victim gave him the gun and took the victim home. Court documents said the witness told detectives that the gun was in his truck. Detectives were able to secure the gun.

A third witness said they went to the area where the shooting happened and saw Brown driving fast. The witness said they saw Brown catch up to the victim on the sidewalk. The witness saw Brown, who was now out of the car, and the victim with their guns drawn. The witness said they heard gunshots but didn’t know who shot a round first. After the shooting, the witness said Brown waved them down for help and they took Brown to the hospital.

Court documents said police spoke to the victim who said that he was walking home after work when Brown pulled up in a black car in front of him and started antagonizing him while flashing a gun. Brown allegedly began to shoot as the victim ran and hid behind a tree. The victim loaded his gun and began firing back. After the shooting, the victim ran behind a house to safety. The victim said he was headed home when he was picked up to turn himself in.

Deputies went to a local hospital where Brown had been taken.

The victim was issued a summons for illegal carrying of weapons. Detectives believe Brown was the aggressor and charged him with attempted second-degree murder and illegal use of weapons.