“We have seen a lot of different symptoms, higher anxiety has been huge. And overall feeling of defeat is recurring. We’re seeing a lot more people who are feeling trapped in their homes, with what is required in their homes. People who are feeling defeated with what needs to be done to their homes, just an endless list of tasks,” said Rachel Dorsa.
Those are just some of the issues Baton Rouge is dealing with. Rachel Dorsa, a behavioral counselor at Baton Rouge General said these emotions are at an extreme because of the August flood. Then they are worsened with the rain and flooding.
“For this storm, it’s just such a lasting impact, again. So many people didn’t ask for it. It feels unfair, it is unfair,” said Dorsa.
Many people wrote on our Facebook page that they were feeling panicked or anxious from the rain. So what should you do in response to those feelings?
“My first thing I would want everyone to know, it’s okay to call someone. Whether its a professional, we’ve got those available, or if you wanna call your friend, if you wanna call your grandma, if you wanna call your priest, your pastor. Call someone,” said Dorsa. “We are at a very unique, opportunistic moment right now. Our community is in this together. This is not a tragedy that happened to one person and not another.”
Dorsa said if those feelings get in the way of your day to day life, that’s when professional help should be considered.
“When you don’t feel like yourself, when you can’t get out of bed, when you’re not sleeping. When it’s been longer than you feel it should be and you don’t feel okay,” said Dorsa.
For more information on Baton Rouge General’s Behavioral Health Services, visit their website http://brgeneral.org/services/behavioral-mental-health. Their center is located at 4045 North Blvd and can be reached by phone at 225-387-7861 or 225-387-7652.