BATON ROUGE, (BRPROUD) – The death penalty will remain in place for another year as lawmakers rejected a proposal to repeal it.

The governor’s backed plan was blocked in a heavily conservative committee after hours of hearing from religious leaders and formerly incarcerated people. Arguments for the bill pointed to the millions of dollars that go toward capital cases, despite it being 13 years since the last execution in the state.

“Since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976, Louisiana has exonerated 11 individuals off of death row who were wrongfully convicted of capital crimes,” State Rep. Kyle Green, D-Marerro said. “These individuals were nearly put to death for the crimes that they did not commit. This is unacceptable and a clear indication that our criminal justice system is flawed.”

Those against the bill advocated for justice for the families of victims who believe it is the appropriate punishment for certain crimes.

The bill failed with a vote of 11-4 and the legislation is done for this year.