BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– The community of Denham Springs has been in eager anticipation of the recently renovated athletic facilities at Denham Springs High School (DSHS).

The result of the rebuilding efforts have been a long time coming. It’s something locals have been waiting for ever since a tax on a bond was voted on and approved to make the dream come true.

This week marks the last football game of the regular season and the DSHS Yellow Jackets scored a chance to play in their new multi-million dollar stadium, a venue many have been waiting to see.

“Seeing it pay off and being able to play out here on this field at least one time, hopefully more, just really makes it all worth it,” said DSHS Senior Football player Tyler Kimble.

The Friday night lights will come alive once again in the Denham Springs High Yellow Jacket stadium after a year of construction.

“All season we’ve basically played all away games. So, once I found out that the possibility was kind of inching up towards 100% that we were playing here this Friday, I -and really everybody on the team- started to get excited,” Kimble said.

He added that he can’t wait to put on their special gold uniforms and take the field for the first time.

“Everything is just so much bigger and nicer and just even higher quality… I can’t wait to see what it looks like full of people on Friday,” he said.

“As far as just a complete overhaul renovation, I don’t think this has ever happened,” Head Football Coach Brett Beard said regarding the $15 million project.  

“I looked out the back door every day and still go, ‘Wow,'” said Beard.

Along with the state-of-the-art stadium, there’s also a new baseball field, softball field and track that are coming to completion, things the 5A school has never had before.

“Everybody’s going to come and they’re going to recognize the old buildings that have been here for a long time. We didn’t want to get rid of those. We wanted to tie in the old with the new,” he explained. “You’ll see freshly painted, clean buildings and that the brick entrance is still here. There’s also a concession stand, new bathrooms, and really an unbelievable commons area.”

Beard said they’re stepping it up as one of the largest and oldest schools in the area. 

“We’ve been the big brother for so long that everybody around has grown and caught up to us. Now we’re getting back to the top and getting back to where we belong,” he stated.

“My future is kind of coming to an end and Denham Springs football, but I know it’s just talking to the younger guys on our team. There’s just that much more excitement about playing here for Denham and being able to put on a show in the stadium for many years to come,” added Kimble.

The stakes are even higher as they plan to go head-to-head with their biggest rival.

 “I know they’re coming in here ready to play us and they’re always ready to play us just because it’s Walker and Denham and it just makes that game that much more exciting because it’s not only a rivalry game, but it’s the first rivalry game in the new stadium,” Kimble said.

They’re preparing for a full house, from visitors to alumni, students and more.

“The students, they’re talking about packing up the student section back there all the way up to the top. So it’s very exciting to hear that so many people want to be here,” said Kimble. “And Coach Beard told us as soon as the announcement came out that we were playing here Friday, the office had calls asking about tickets.”

Don’t miss out, the game will be Friday, November 4 at the Yellow Jacket stadium in Denham Springs.