BATON ROUGE, La (WVLA/WGMB)- Dennis Perkins has a message for the general public.

His new attorney Jarrett Ambeau released the statement earlier after both he and his soon to be ex-wife appeared in court pleading not guilty to their combined 150 charges.

We’ve learned that a lawsuit was recently filed against Perkins and the Livingston Parish school system because of the alleged incident where Perkins mixed semen in cupcakes consumed by children.

Ambeau stated,

He wants to be sure to tell you that the biological fluid thing is grossly overstated and not true. And other than that, beyond that I think that we’ll wait to see what the evidence is.

But he thinks that’s important, he was really adamant about please please say this I mean please tell them this. And I agree with him. If that’s not true we want people to know hey look that’s not true don’t worry about this because that did not happen.

We obtained a copy of the lawsuit which can be seen below.