NAPOLEONVILLE, La. (BRPROUD) — An active shooter training in Assumption Parish was held specifically for civilians last Friday.

The training hosted by the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office taught library employees how to respond to an active shooting event. The sheriff’s office said participants were shown tools that could be used to secure the building.

“While we hope we never have to use this training in real time, we must prepare for any such situation”, Sheriff Falcon said.

Several weeks ago, Assumption Parish school resource officers participated in active shooter defense training before students’ first day of classes.

“While we hope we never have to experience the same fate as Uvalde, Sandy Hook and all the other tragic events that claimed so may lives of our school aged children and educational staff, we must be ready to deal with any such event,” Sheriff Leland Falcon said of the training with school resource officers.

The topic of school safety grew after the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas in May. Ahead of the new school year, the school system in Assumption Parish decided to improve school safety measures through new doors and locks, upgrading cameras, and more.