Abita Springs is home of the nationally known, Abita Brewing Company. The small town doesn’t have any stop lights, but they do have a picturesque roundabout, which connects to the Tammany Trace. The area features several local businesses, a museum, farmers market and the original Abita Brewery. 

The original Abita Brewery now serves as a restaurant and bar. 

Many people are familiar with the Abita Brewing Company, as it has grown to the 14th largest craft brewery in the United States, according to louisiananorthshore.com. The drinks and tours are popular, but the craft soda tour is a hidden gem.

Visitor center manager, Jennifer Carron said Abita Brewing company added hundreds of kids tours this summer.

Carron said they’ve been a hit, so the kid friendly tours will be continued in the summer time for years to come.  “It’s packed, we have anywhere from 30 to 50 adults and kids,” Carron said, “They get to feel like an adult, but with sodas.” 

The brewery offers daily beer and soda tours, a gift shop and a tavern with games for people of all ages. The soda tour shows guests the brewing area and provides information about the crafting process.  The information was just as eye opening as the massive tanks that house the drinks. Abita uses an energy efficient technique and doesn’t add preservatives to their brews.

The tour lasts 30 minutes and ends with a taste test of at least three of the seasonal sodas in the tavern. 

In August, young tourists will try the traditional root beer, vanilla creme soda and a chocolate salted caramel soda. Most kids said their favorite was the traditional root beer, but the chocolate salted caramel soda surprised several people. “I wasn’t expecting a carbonated chocolate taste to be so good, It’s awesome,” said one taste tester. 

The taste test was the kid’s favorite part, but several parents said they enjoyed the opportunity to bond with the whole family, especially right before they send their kids back to school.

Abita Brewing Company representatives said they want to provide a social place for the entire community and an experience that will make people come back again and again. “It’s a great memory,” Carron said. 

On Monday, August 6th, the brewery will offer four tours, at 11 a.m., noon, 1 pm. and 2 p.m. to celebrate National Root Beer Day. The tour will include all the normal aspects, plus a root beer float. The brewery also hosts social gatherings on their outdoor patio, with food trucks on site. For more information about events at Abita, visit: https://abita.com/visit/brewery-events.