BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Saturday’s election will bring about change for the East Baton Rouge Metro Council as councilwoman Erika Green takes on a new role.

Green, an attorney, won her election and will take on the role of East Baton Rouge Parish’s new family court judge. As she takes on her new position, her current seat on the Metro Council is now up for grabs.

“The citizens deserve not be without representation for a long period,” said District 2 East Baton Rouge Metro Councilwoman Chauna Banks.

According to Banks, Green will first have to submit a notice to vacate her seat before steps are made to fill it.

“The council has 20 days from the date that the seat is vacated to select someone else,” said Banks.

She said someone could be temporarily appointed or the job could be opened to the public.

“The council administrator can open the page for any qualified applicants before that date, but by law, 20 days from the day that the seat is vacant,” said Banks.

If the seat is not filled in those 20 days then Governor John Bel Edwards would have the ability to choose someone.

Despite the appointment, the person who gets the seat may not be able to stay there. Ultimately, it will be up to the residents of District 5 to decide on who represents them long-term.

“When we make the appointment that would only be good for about three months. I believe the next election may be in March of 2022 so there will have to be a special election to permanently fill the District 5 seat,” said Banks.