More than 200 Baton Rouge Police vehicles are in for repair, decreasing the amount of cars on the street. The damages comes from thousands of miles of daily use.

Sergeant L’Jean McKneely said the vehicles are also deplorable due to their age.

“A lot of those vehicles have over 100,000 miles,” McKneely said. “Due to the course of day, there’s a lot of wear and tear in those vehicles.”

The cost of repair is rising. The department spent $1.8 million on oil changes, new tires, and other repairs. They burned $2 million by the end of June this year and are expecting costs to rise to $3.5 million by the end of the year.

Director of Fleet Management David Childress said the police vehicles need lots of work.

“Things we’re seeing right now is front end problems and transmission problems due to the age of the fleet,” Childress said.

Trips to Fleet Management have been increasing, causing police officers to double up each vehicle. Despite fewer vehicles, McKneely said they are still able to protect local resident.

“Our guys are riding in two main units and we’re getting guys to work overtime,” McKneely said.”It does affect it to some degree, but we’re still able to get to those calls.”

Thirty cars have been ordered to the Baton Rouge Police Headquarters, but for the 200 vehicles in Fleet Management, it is going to take time for them get back in service.