BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The polls will be open before you know it. East Baton Rouge Parish residents can expect to vote on the next sheriff, state lawmakers and district judge.

The primary is set for Oct. 14. The general election will be Nov. 18.

Across Louisiana, voters will cast ballots for the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, insurance commissioner and commissioner of agriculture and forestry.

Qualifying for state and local races was Aug. 8-10. If a race had only one candidate at the end of qualifying at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 10, that person is set to take office at the start of the next term.

Meet the candidates for East Baton Rouge Parish

Unless noted, one is to be elected in each race.

State Senator, 6th District

  • “Rick” Edmonds, Republican
  • Barry Ivey, Republican

State Senator, 14th District

  • Cleo Fields, Democrat

State Senator, 15th District

  • Regina Barrow, Democrat

State Senator, 16th District

  • Franklin Foil, Republican

State Senator, 17th District

  • Caleb Seth Kleinpeter, Republican
  • Peter Williams, Democrat

State Representative, 29th District

  • Edmond Jordan, Democrat

State Representative, 61st District

  • C. Denise Marcelle, Democrat
  • Robb “Kirt” Sharper, Democrat

State Representative, 62nd District

  • Daniel Banguel, Democrat
  • Roy Daryl Adams, Democrat
  • Dadrius Lanus, Democrat

State Representative, 63rd District

  • Barbara West Carpenter, Democrat
  • Christopher Lemoine, Republican
  • Chauna Banks, Democrat

State Representative, 64th District

  • Kellee Hennessy Dickerson, Republican
  • “Garry Frog” Talbert, Republican
  • Kellie Alford, Republican

State Representative, 65th District

  • Jamie Pope, Republican
  • Stephen Whitlow, Republican
  • Brandon Ivey, Republican
  • Aaron Moak, Republican
  • Lauren Ventrella, Republican

State Representative, 66th District

  • Monique Appeaning, Republican
  • Emily Chenevert, Republican
  • “Richie” Edmonds, Republican
  • Hollis “Bubbe” Day, Republican
  • Drew Maranto, Republican

State Representative, 67th District

  • Larry Selders, Democrat

State Representative, 68th District

  • Laura White “Laurie” Adams, Republican
  • Robert “Max” Grodner Jr., Democrat
  • Parry “Matt” Thomas, No Party
  • Dixon McMakin, Republican
  • Belinda Creel Davis, Democrat

State Representative, 69th District

  • Paula Davis, Republican

State Representative, 70th District

  • Barbara Reich Freiberg, Republican
  • Jennie Seals, Republican
  • Brent Campanella, Republican
  • “Steve” Myers, Democrat

State Representative, 101st District

  • Vanessa Caston Lafleur, Democrat

19th Judicial District Court Judge, ES 1, Division J

  • ReAzalia Allen, Democrat
  • Colette Greggs, Democrat
  • Sclynski “Lyn” Legier, Democrat

Judge, Family Court Election Section 3, Division D

  • Caulette “Twin” Jackson Guillard, Democrat
  • Laurie Marien, Republican
  • Kyle Russ, Republican
  • “Kathy” Reznik Benoit, Republican


  • “Sid” Gautreaux, Republican
  • Jeffry Lamonte Sanford, Libertarian
  • Mark Eric Milligan, Democrat
  • Reginald Desselles, Democrat

Clerk of Court

  • “Doug” Welborn, Republican
  • Donna Collins Lewis, Democrat


  • Brian Wilson, Republican


  • “Beau” Clark, Republican