ETHEL, La. (BRPROUD) — A giraffe was taken from a touring zoo by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Tuesday.

According to a release, a popular giraffe at Barn Hill Preserve, Brazos, was taken after a report that said Brazos’ body health was lower than normal. It is reported that the veterinarian who was caring for Brazos was accused of not treating the animals correctly.

Barn Hill Preserve informed the USDA that the veterinarian in charge misdiagnosed the giraffe, and they were unaware of the severity. The USDA told Barn Hill Preserve to continue caring for the giraffe with proper personnel.

The organization states that the USDA contacted them on Monday, Sept. 11 stating the removal of Brazos from the premises within a short time window and to follow their demands. During that time, Barn Hill Preserve hired a giraffe specialist and was working to comply with the USDA’s demands.

According to Barn Hill Preserve, USDA inspectors failed to follow up with their demands and were uninterested in speaking about the demands the following day.

The specialist suggested not to move the giraffe in his condition, but the USDA decided to move Brazos from Barn Hill Preserve, and was sent to another USDA-licensed zoological facility.

Barn Hill Preserve says the USDA entered private property without a warrant and overstepped its boundaries.