BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD0)–Families in the capital area have become recipients of some much-needed relief when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.

Baton Rouge’s District Seven community enjoyed a turkey giveaway Monday, November 21.

Baton Rouge Resident, LaTesha Dorsey expressed appreciation for the event, telling BRProud, “I’m happy that, you know, that people are reaching out to help.”

Families in North Baton Rouge waited in a long line at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center to receive what many viewed as a ‘Thanksgiving blessing.’

“It’s good for them to come out here and help us celebrate Thanksgiving,” one woman from Baton Rouge said.

East Baton Rouge Mayor Pro Tempore LaMont Cole was on hand for the event and said, “We want to try to do our part to make sure we provide families with what they need in order to have a happy Thanksgiving.”

The reason for the giveaway becomes clear when viewing the costs of items typically associated with Thanksgiving. This year, turkey, vegetables, and yams come with a hefty price.

“The food is high in the stores, and, most elderly people like us, we don’t get that much in. So, we come out here and we do what we got to do,” said the woman.

It’s for this reason that Councilman Lamont Cole and others organized a giveaway that provided 500 individuals and families with turkeys and related Thanksgiving supplies.

“The cost of everything is rising.” Cole explained, “Rent has gone up, mortgage rates are going up, and so we recognize that inflation plays a huge part at hitting you in the pocket.”

Cole said residents continue to get the short end of the stick as the economy shifts.

“Some families just don’t have the resources they had in the past because everything else is going up, and salaries have not increased,” he added.

The giveaway event provided tangible resources and then went one step further by including a cooking demonstration.

“We educate the community on how to prepare their food in a healthy way using healthy ingredients so they can be in the best optimum position to stay healthy,” Cole said.

Many participants left with smiles on their faces, ready to make memories with families while celebrating the upcoming holiday.

“It’s a holiday, It’s great to have something to look forward to,” Dorsey said.

“I’m going to cook that turkey for my kids,” added the other woman from Baton Rouge, mentioned earlier.

If you missed Monday’s Turkey Giveaway, another event will take place Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 8 a.m. as HOPE Ministries provides the community with Thanksgiving food at 4643 Winbourne Avenue.