BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – After recent flooding and complaints of drainage issues, the East Baton Rouge Metro Council discussed the possibility of a moratorium.

During Wednesday’s Metro Council Meeting, a discussion was held to address a process by which certain subdivisions may petition the EBR Planning and Zoning Commission to implement a moratorium on building activity until certain specific underlying issues are resolved.

The discussion led by District 2’s Metro Councilwoman Chauna Banks lasted more than a hour, causing the council to extend the time limit of the meeting.

Inside the downtown library, residents voiced their concerns with some onboard with a moratorium while others opposed it.

The moratorium would put a temporary pause on new developments in the parish or in certain neighborhoods, depending on the logistics.

The goal is to allow the city-parish to properly assess flooding and drainage issues.

This discussion comes after last month’s flood and similar decisions in Ascension and Iberville parishes.

While the initial plan would let certain subdivisions decide on their own moratorium, however, others believe if it’s going to happen it should include the entire parish.

“Yes, we do in some areas need a moratorium and yes, our industry will have to suffer… may have to suffer the consequences but more importantly look at other places,” said Banks.

“What I really wanted to get out in the open was a lot of the things in the moratorium have to do with individuals or certain areas that can come before the council and say we want a moratorium in our area. Well, what is going to happen is everybody is probably going to want a moratorium. If they are even concerned or have any thought about what could happen with flooding. Everybody is going to want a moratorium, so if we’re going to have this discussion, we have to have it fully about the whole parish or not at all,” said District 4 Metro Councilman Aaron Moak.

The discussion did not lead to a vote.

Council members say they want to eventually make a decision and answer the calls of the people they serve.