BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — For the owner of Elsie’s Plate and Pie, the business looks a little different this Thanksgiving season. Elsie’s Plate and Pie owner, Paul Dupre, says in the four years they’ve been in business, the pies have become a community favorite, especially during Thanksgiving. 

“We weren’t even at full capacity yet last year this time, so it’s a whole different ball game now,” said Dupre.

This year Dupre’s team will bake over 1,000 pies compared to last year’s 650. It was a hectic day but it was a challenge the entire team has welcomed.

“I joked all week that we were going to make 1,000 pies, but I didn’t actually think that we would make 1,000 pies,” said Pastry Chef Brant Palazzo.   

“Everything just kind of gets turned upside down from what we usually do,” said Dupre.

Getting the work done means all hands on deck, even for those like Chloe Johnson, who no longer works there anymore but still shows up to help.

“Anytime I come back home I do not mind coming to help out because I love making pies, I love hanging out with my people, “said Johnson.

Dupre said the restaurant was inspired by family, tradition, and his grandmother Elsie. 

“Pie was always the thing with my grandmother Elsie, that was always what was for dessert,” said Dupre.

Dupre is thankful to still be sharing his grandma’s recipes with the community.

“First they say if you can make it through the first two years you’ll make it, and I think that rule’s out the window now, now it’s if you made it through the pandemic you’ll make it,” said Dupre.  

“Hopefully we can do more next year. We’ll top it. 1,500 next year,” said Johnson.