Gretna, La (BRPROUD) – The legal battle continues against Bob Dean after the deadly evacuations of seniors during Hurricane Ida, and the victims and their families could wait even longer for a settlement check.

“What I have uncovered is that Bob Dean is living like a king right now,” said attorney for the victims and their families Morris Bart.

It’s been over a year since nearly 1,000 elderly residents living in seven facilities owned by Bob Dean were transported to a warehouse in Tangipahoa Parish ahead of Hurricane Ida, a move that left several dead and many injured or traumatized.

A preliminary settlement ranging from $12 million to $15 million had been reached in early September.

“We are here today to stop what I feel is a very unfair settlement,” Bart said.

The money will be paid by Dean’s insurers and Bart is not pleased with this outcome.

“A settlement that provides that Bob Dean after all the misery and death that this man has caused can settle this case without paying one dollar. Not one dollar does Bob Dean have to pay, and he continues to live like a king,” Bart said.

A fairness hearing will determine the final approval of the settlement.

“It is so grossly unfair, it’s such a miscarriage of justice that this man should be able to walk away after everything that he did without paying one dollar,” said Bart.

A judge granted in favor of the motion to move the fairness hearing from October to November 2nd.

“We are going to get justice, starting today, we are going to get justice,” Bart said.

The BRPROUD team reached out to Dean’s attorneys, who seemed unfazed by the judge’s ruling.