BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Finding safe and enjoyable activities for young kids during a pandemic can be quite a challenge, but there’s a new resource in the area that is providing a variety of fulfilling experiences to help our children grow: mentally, physically and socially.

“I think the combination of the brain, the physical, the character development. The community that we build with our families is really unique,” KidStrong Studio Director Jasmine Carr said.

Welcome to KidStrong: a dynamic, action-packed child development training program.

KidStrong member Kate Dixon said, “I like the ninjas course, it’s so long, and the monkey bars, they’re fun.”

Caiden Carr added, “You can get new friends, you can get stronger, and you can be braver.”

“We start kids from the time they’re walking, all the way until they’re 11 years old,” Jasmine Carr said.

Chad Sabadie: How’s it helping you?

KJ Jackson said, “It makes me strong!”

From social greeting exercises and warm ups to fitness and ninja obstacle courses, there’s no shortage of communication and teamwork opportunities.

Taya Comardelle received a Coach’s Award for her ability to focus and for making a new friend in class.

The Jacksons wanted a safe and engaging environment for their son KJ to interact with other kids in a similar age range.

KidStrong dad Kevin Jackson said, “He’s a lover of ninja warrior, so this goes right into it. A lot of the cognitive skills, a lot of the confidence building skills. And physically he’s a little athlete, and I think he really lives it.”

KidStrong mom Kami Jackson added, “The focus on the mental, the physical and the whole child. Not just one aspect, the skill set is wonderful. For this month they are learning sign language, that is a diverse curriculum to have because when children start school, you’re around all kinds of kids, so if you’re around someone who is hearing impaired, this may help them to learn how to accept others who are different.”

“I am strong, I am brave, I can do this.”

7-year old Kate Dixon attends KidStrong, along with her sister, and enjoys a friendly sibling rivalry.

Kate Dixon said, “She really liked it here. I’ve been here more days than her. (whispers) That’s why I’m stronger than her.”

Alani Williams is working with Coach Stephen on Mindful Focus skill work. Mindful breathing techniques, especially the 5 finger technique, helps kids feel less stressed and ready to focus.

KidStrong offers several options including weekday and Saturday morning classes.

Jasmine Carr added, “They can sign up for one class a week, two classes a week and we also have practices that are exclusive to our members only. Our classes are very structured, and we have professional coaches working with the kids on the floor with the programming for the month. Our practices are less structured, so it’s really open center and free play for our members only, so they can come in, burn that excess energy, get additional reps in the physical focused we’re working towards for the month and get assistance from a coach as well.

Caiden Carr added, “So some people they come in, and then they’re crying when they’re leaving because they don’t want to go.”

The current KidStrong location in Prairieville is on Airline Highway, but there are plans to expand into Baton Rouge and Lafayette as well.