BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – For the first time in eight years, the family of a man killed during a raid by Baton Rouge police spoke to East Baton Rouge city-parish leaders.

Casa Bean was overcome with emotions while talking about her son, Dontrunner Robinson.

On Wednesday, Bean was able to address the council for the first time, making it aware of her son’s case.

“My son, I saw a picture of my son the other day I have never [seen] and it was so gruesome,” said Bean.

Aaliyah Robinson said recent developments in her father’s death felt like she was reliving the day she found out he died.

“We miss our dad so much and we are forever wounded by this. My siblings and I were all under the age of 13 and he didn’t get a chance to witness our most memorable moments and he never will,” said Robinson.

During public comments on the discussion, many people asked the council to take a look at the details surrounding the case.

The case was closed following Robinson’s death but after a BRPD narcotics probe, the East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore said he would look into any new information.

“Imagine if it was your family, imagine if it was your kid,” said Zachary City Councilman Lael Montgomery.

“You wouldn’t want someone to pull up on Port Hudson and snatch one of your daughters out of your home like they did Tron,” said Lead Advocate of the Baton Rouge Branch of NAACP Crystal Ellis.

Early reports said Robinson died from swallowing a crack rock during a raid, but it was later reported he died from blunt force trauma after BRPD carried out a no-knock warrant in 2013.

“We have pictures that do not match the results of what that investigation is or at least does not match the results of what that sheriff’s department told to the news media,” said Robinson family attorney Ron Haley.

According to Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul, the incident was investigated by the Sheriff’s Office and he was not the chief at the time.

“The investigation was by the sheriff’s office, the criminal investigation. There was an administrative investigation that was done by the previous chief of police and that investigation was concluded,” said Paul.

The family said they are thankful for the opportunity to address the council, but justice has yet to be served.

“I’m going to always be empty behind this situation,” said Robinson.