BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The family of 38-year-old Caleb Chappetta is saying they’re struggling to accept the reality that he’s gone. Chappetta was loved by many, and his family is now looking for closure. 

Chappetta died after being thrown from his vehicle Friday night. Police say two officers were headed to a shooting near Government Street. On the way to the scene, they hit Caleb’s car, leaving him lifeless.  Eight other vehicles were involved in the crash. 

Michael Chappetta was one of his brothers, and found out about his death, in the worst way.

“I got on Facebook, and it was all over his wall, and then so from that point I tried to call a couple of people in our family, and they were all pretty much finding out one after the other,” said Chappetta.

The family gathered to clean out Chappetta’s apartment. His mother says they’ll be donating most of the items to Goodwill.

Caleb’s twin brother says they’ll be moving forward one step at a time.

“It’s one instance after another today we’re packing up and relocating my brother’s belongings, after that it’s just going to be a wait and see and grieve period,” said Dalton Chappetta.

Dalton says he knows how much his brother was loved by the Baton Rouge community. He was hearing impaired and taught some residents sign language. The Chappetta family says they are hoping to hear from BRPD officials soon.

“BRPD has not reached out to any of the immediate family with any concerns, questions, any statements,” said Chappetta.

The Chappetta family is also warning people of fake GoFundMe pages surfacing. They do not have one set up for Caleb.