BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Birthday balloons and a number four balloon sit on little Devin Page Jr.’s grave. This is a birthday celebration no mother dreams of.

Jan. 6 marks Devin’s fourth birthday. Family and friends gathered at his gravesite for a balloon release and an intimate birthday party after.

“Just to have some normalcy, we had to do this today,” said Cathy Toliver, Devin’s grandmother. “My daughter Tye wanted to celebrate his birthday as if he was still here.”

In April, Devin was killed by a stray bullet while sleeping in bed in Baton Rouge. His mother, Tye Toliver, said she asked her landlord multiple times to let her out of her lease because of safety concerns. Since then, she has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the real estate company that owns the property.

At the family’s urging, the East Baton Rouge Metro Council passed an ordinance called Devin’s Law. It requires proper safety lighting on rental properties. The family says that could have saved Devin’s life.

“When I pulled up to the gravesite, I almost fainted because I could just feel. The last time I was here is when we buried him,” said Cathy Toliver.

Cathy Toliver is on a mission to advocate against gun violence. Four days into the new year, Baton Rouge saw its first homicide, Toliver called this unbelievable.

“I’m hurt, I’m just hurt,” she said. “I’m telling you now, there is an urgency in my spirit to cry out into this city.”

Some that don’t personally know the Toliver family, like Celina Charles from Houston, came just to Louisiana to celebrate.

“I just have a heart for families,” said Charles. “The community needs to stick together.”

Cathy Toliver says she is starting a new initiative with the community members, including the police to set goals for the new year.

Police have not made an arrest in Devin’s case.