BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – More evidence was brought to the jury for deliberation on day five of the Dyteon Simpson trial.

Simpson is facing a second-degree murder charge after allegedly shooting LSU basketball star Wayde Sims in 2018.

Before bringing the jurors out, three videos the prosecution wanted to use as evidence were questioned. The first video captured the fight leading up to Sims’ death. In it, you can hear: “What you all fighting for” and “Get your glasses.” 

It is unclear who was speaking in the video but Detective Logan Collins confirmed to the court that the glasses mentioned in the video were Simpson’s.

Two videos were confiscated from Simpson’s cell phone. One is described below.

One was of a gun pointing directly at the camera and the other showed Simpson holding an infant that was indicated to be his child with a gun in his pocket, similar to what is believed to have killed Sims. Writing in the video said, “Gang ❤️.” 

After reviewing the videos the judge ruled not to show the evidence to the jury.

Then two experts in the forensic science field were called to the bench to testify to the DNA evidence found on the glasses and Simpson’s hands. According to one expert, blood was found on Simpson’s right hand. The second expert testified both Sims and Simpson’s DNA were found on Simpson’s hand. 

Video of Simpson’s interrogation was played for the court. He tells the police three different stories before finally asking for a lawyer. Simpson first tells the detective he was at home, then he says he went to a concert, but after some pushing, Simpson starts telling details of the fight leading up to the shooting before asking for lawyers.

Two of Sims’ friends were called to testify. Morgan Dean recalled being an arm’s distance away when he was shot. Her video of the fight was played for the jurors multiple times while tears filled the courtroom.

Another friend, Will Mosley, was in that fight. He got choked up on the stand as he re-watched the last few moments of Sim’s life.

Testimony is scheduled to resume Monday.