UPDATE: The Baton Rouge Police Department says that at least three to four juveniles have been arrested for a separate crime but are being investigated for potentially being connected to the armed robberies in the Garden District.

The police want residents to stay vigilant and alert to any suspicious activity.

ORIGINAL STORY: BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Residents in the Garden District are looking over their shoulders after a string of robberies.

“I couldn’t believe it was only two houses down and across the street from me,” said Kristen Macmurdo, a Garden District resident.

Marty Johnson says she saw shocking videos on her Nextdoor app. She says one of her neighbors was robbed and then beaten. She saw others being robbed at gunpoint.

“I never thought we would experience this in this neighborhood,” said Johnson. “It’s personal when you can’t even leave your house and get into your car safely.”

The Baton Rouge Police Department says the suspects are believed to be young Black males carrying weapons. They may be driving a white or a maroon car. Neighbors say several cars have been stolen.

Resident Christine Kooi says she witnessed people trying to leave the neighborhood after a robbery. She says crime often picks up in the summer, but never like this.

“It was a white Toyota with a loose front bumper tearing down Cherokee Street towards Park. As the car got to Park, it stopped and a couple of guys jumped out and fiddled with the front bumper,” she said.

Garden District Civic Association member Michael Helms says the board is working closely with BRPD. Helms says this neighborhood is in shock because they rarely see crime.

“We are gathering information and passing it out to them (BRPD),” said Helms. “And then also reaching out to our community members, giving them somebody to talk to about their concerns.”

Some long-time residents are calling on city-parish leaders to focus more on education and gun control in order to reduce crime.

“I think we need a lot more strict requirements for anybody to have a weapon,” said Ann Coulter, a Garden District resident.

Residents say they are hopeful police are doing their job. And in the meantime, they are taking it upon themselves to take an extra step to stay safe.

“My husband and I went to dinner last night, the first thing we did when we got home was turn on our brights and look in the bushes because at this point, you know, we don’t know,” said Macmurdo.

Anyone having information on these robberies is urged to contact the Baton Rouge Police Department at 225-389-2000 or Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867.