BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPRROUD) — Garth Brooks is back in the Capital City to call on Baton Rouge.

“We will be as loud as they are. If not, we will turn our end up,” said Garth Brooks.

Brooks sold over 102,000 tickets in Tiger Stadium. He says it’s the people of Baton Rouge who brought him back to Death Valley.

“This is one of the places that took us in really, really early before we had the song. These are the people who fed you when you couldn’t afford to feed yourself. I can look out in the crowd, I know I seen Darlin’, I know I’ll see Carla,” he said.

On Friday, students lined up hours before a special soundcheck just for their ears.

LSU senior Charlene Bourgeois has seen Garth in concert at least 10 times. She waited in line for more than five hours for Friday’s soundcheck. She says it’s his heart that brings her back.

He sings with so much emotion that you feel the emotion,” said Bourgeois.

“I think music is the voice of hope. I think it’s a unifier. I think it’s a healer. And in a time where we are separated more than ever, let’s bring that music up. Let’s get together. Let’s all get in the same stadium together. And let’s all sing together,” said Brooks.

Fans say it feels like a fall game day weekend in the middle of spring.

“Being in the stadium and having everybody singing along to Callin’ Baton Rouge, it’s just amazing, there’s just no other feeling,” said Alexia Leonard, an LSU sophomore.

Hours before the show, Garth Brooks has one request for his fans.

“To be kind to one another, to treat people the way you want to be treated,” he said.

Pre-paid reserved parking is sold out. LSU officials say your best bet is going to be parking further away and walking to the stadium.

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