Louisiana’s coasts continue to recover, more than five years after the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Friday night, a special film will shine light on the recovery, and hopes to create a buzz about the issues still facing our coasts. 
“It was like the worst bomb I’d ever scene,” said Retired Army General Russel Honore. 
Honore said that is how he would describe the scene of a BP oil rig exploding into the Gulf. 
“That oil spill was like another Katrina,” Honore said. 
More than five years after the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, our communities and our coasts continue to recover. Even after a more than $18 billion settlement from BP, Honore said there are still a lot of questions. 
“Were they properly supervised? No. Did the federal government have the right response plan when it did happen? No. Did we have the proper regulations in place now to prevent it from happening again? I think the answer is no,” the general said. 
General Honore said that’s what the film “After the Spill” showcases, the lives lost, the struggles, the triumph, and the continuous recovery efforts of our state. 
Honore is featured in the documentary and hopes it will get people talking. 
“It brought a sense of awareness to more people in Louisiana that we need to fight and protect our coasts, and I think this film will bring this out tonight that much of this what we are dealing with is man-made,” Honore concluded. “We can’t allow it to happen again.” 
The Manship Theatre showed it Friday night at the Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge on Lafayette St. at 7:00 P.M.
If you want to check out the trailer, just head to the link below: