GONZALES, La. Marathon gas stations in Gonzales are looking for local businesses and restaurants to let sell their products in their convenience stores located at 1540 East Highway 30 and 13245 LA 44.

The company’s management service Stras-Global is implementing this measure as part of their covid-19 response plan. “The plan underscores our commitment to protecting the safety of our employees and customers, but also our desire to serve the communities surrounding them,” the company released in a statement.

Through their essential business, they are hoping local businesses such as florists, pet stores and restaurants are able to sell their products while their stores are temporarily closed.

“We want to connect with local restaurants and other retailers, as well as producers of fresh foods like farmers, to create partnerships to sell their products in our stores for the benefit of their employees and our customers,” the company released in a statement.

“By selling their food and their products through our stores we hope that we can help them maintain some resemblance of a business they have had in the past,” StrasGlobal President Roy Strasburger said.

The gas stations are also looking to hire staff in the community who may have been furloughed or lost their jobs due to covid-19. The gas stations are also taking extra measures to keep customers and employees safe.

Signs are displayed on the gas pumps letting customers know they can go inside to get a pair of gloves before touching the pump handles. Plexiglass guards are installed at the registers. Floor decals are reminding their customers to social distance. Five people are allowed in the store at a time, and sanitation products are displayed at the register for customers use. Employees will begin wearing masks, gloves and disposable gowns this week.

The company hopes to offer curbside delivery and home delivery systems soon. “We are committed to providing dedicated service to our seniors. We give a senior discount and can provide simple prepared meals from our kitchens. Should seniors be anxious shopping in public, we will bring them to the front of the line or, in case of high-risk customers who call ahead, we will close the store for private shopping at off-peak times,” StrasGlobal released in a statement.

Proprietary gift cards in denominations of $1, $5, $10 and $20 will soon be available for purchase for those in need.

“It’s amazing working for a company that really cares,” Pecan Grove Marathon Manager Atha Martin said.

Regular shopper Tye Martinez said he hopes this gas station becomes a role model for the community. “It’s amazing, see not a lot of places are doing that, my job and almost all of them have shut down, there are so many jobs shut down right now. This is a relief,” Martinez said.

If you have are interested in getting in contact with Marathon Gas Station Management to take advantage of this opportunity contact kprior@strasglobal.com