GONZALES, La. (BRPROUD) — Recovery efforts are just beginning in Florida after Hurricane Ian.

It’s not just humans that are in need of relief, but dogs, cats, and just about everything in between.

The Rescue Alliance Animal Disaster Response Team is on its way to Florida for instances just like these, to help aid in rescue and recovery.

“With the impact of Katrina, with all the pets that were left behind, it makes a big impact because knowing that they were forgotten about, we want to make sure that these pets are not forgotten about,” stated Rescue Alliance Animal Rescue Director of Operations Jonathan Henriques.

Some of our neighbors to the East are in a bind choosing between their pets and their own safety after Hurricane Ian devastated the area.

“If they evacuate, a lot of times they can’t take their pet with them. We would actually go in and help get them, plus their pets out, bring them to a staging area where they get dry blankets to sleep on and we get them fed,” said Henriques.

The Rescue Alliance Animal Disaster Response Team and others are packed up and will be heading to Florida so no pet is left behind.

“They’re hungry. You know, a lot of them have never experienced flood waters or been trapped on top of a roof. So it’s just coming in with love… to them to comfort them, just to make them still get that feel-at-home feeling,” said Henriques.

They are bringing things like pet food, toys, and kennels. They planned to set up camp near Fort Myers.

“Once we get our base camp set up, then we actually go and we start checking our crowdsourcing to see what’s been on the board longest. and we go in and we verify it and we go in and get to that animal or family in need,” he explained.

They are asking for your help in donations. If you would like to donate, click here.

If you would like to help the animals in south Florida, the Rescue Alliance is accepting donations until October 14th.