Governor-elect John Bel Edwards is getting ready for his inauguration Monday.

Sunday Edwards toured the Capitol.

Volunteers, the Louisiana National Guard, and many more are working to put the finishing touches on the ceremony.

The inauguration’s organizer, Bud Courson says Edwards is very impressed with the setup and excited for Monday.

The front of the Capitol has been adorned with 6,000 plants and over 300 American flags.

There is also a red carpet for Edwards to walk down as he approaches the people.

Sunday Edwards along with his wife, looked out from the podium, where he will deliver his speech to thousands.

Edwards wouldn’t give away too much about the theme of his speech, but did say he’s prepared to take over and get things done, even across party lines.

“You know this is about finding common interest. You can’t do that if you don’t talk and work together. I am absolutely convinced this place will never look like the United States Capitol in Washington, DC in terms of how we go about our business,” said Edwards.

Secretary of State, Tom Schedler said Edwards is likely to discuss uniting Louisiana.

“I am sure he will talk about coming together as a state, you know both white black, North Louisiana South Louisiana, democrat republican, I am sure that will be part of his theme, and I also would think it would be sacrifice with the budgetary concerns that we have both in this current year that he inherits and what he is looking at starting in July,” said Schedler.

As for the colder weather officials say they aren’t concerned.

The inauguration begins on the Capitol steps Monday at 11:30 a.m.