A grand jury indicted a former assistant principal accused of murdering a pregnant woman.  
According to officials, 39-year-old Robert Marks was indicted second-degree murder and first-degree feticide after the grand jury heard the case.
Authorities accused Marks of killing 40-year-old Lyntell Washington and her 7 month unborn fetus, whose decomposed body authorities found ditch behind a sugar cane field on Hwy 77 in Rosedale.
Detectives learned that Marks, the former assistant principal of  Brookstown Middle Magnet Academy, and Washington, who taught at Brookstown Middle Magnet Academy and earned “Teacher of the Year”,  were in a romantic relationship and that she was pregnant with Marks’ child, although Marks’ was married.
According to authorities, Marks took Washington’s daughter for a ride the night of June 8th and left her unattended in a parking lot.  Washington was reported missing June 9th after 3-year-old daughter was observed unsupervised near the vehicle, authorities said.
Authorities said that Washington’s daughter told police that Marks “hurt” her mom who is now “in the lake.”  The girl also described a loud bang.
Authorities originally arrested and charged Marks with aggravated kidnapping of a child and child desertion; however, authorities upgraded the charges after Marks body was found.
According to the East Baton Rouge Coroner’s office, Washington’s cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.
Authorities said the details and evidence surrounding this case led to Marks arrest on June 10th.