BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — At first glance, you can tell that the Scotlandville High Arts Center needs work — the paint has long faded, and holes in the roof leave it open to more damage. 

“We paid over $20,000 to get the roof done, and about a year or two later we experienced leakage,” said Kendrick Nwafor with the Scotlandville High Alumni Association.

While it may look abandoned, there are plans to fill the empty rooms with hope for a better Scotlandville. 

“We want this to kind of act as a way for them to have an artistic outlet so they can have a way to think outside of the box and think of other solutions to the problems they face whether it be at home or at school,” said Nicholas Jones.

Jones and Nwafor, both part of the Scotlandville High Alumni Association, are raising money for a new roof for the art center. They say this is the first part of a bigger revitalization plan for the entire building.  

“We want to do everything gaming and technology. We want this to be hosted in this area right here,” said Jones in hopes of giving children in the community the same motivation they had growing up. Team member Tia Benton said she owes her success to the Scotlandville Community. 

“I was a part of Scotlandville High’s government affairs program and it was through the impact of that program that I went on to go to Southern University’s law center and become an attorney,” said Benton.

In the coming years, they hope to transform the building into a hub of creativity for the future of tomorrow. 

“Scotlandville deserves it just as much as all the other communities in Baton Rouge,” said Jones.

The Scotlandville High School Hornets Alumni Association is asking for support to raise $6,000 for the roof, it’s one of their many efforts to bring about positive change in the community.

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