BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – It’s a common joke among locals that Baton Rouge’s winter season lasts for mere days before making way for much warmer temperatures.

That said, the “few days” of cold that capital area residents must contend with can be a bit bone-chilling. It may also leave those of us who aren’t used to freezing temperatures with some uncertainty as to how to deal with the cold weather.

This may especially be true when it comes to preparing our automobiles for winter.

According to Business Insider, there are a few steps we can take to ensure that our vehicles are prepared for the drop in temperature.

For one, the online magazine suggests checking your battery and getting it replaced if necessary, adding that “Car batteries tend to die in the winter due to the added strain placed on them by cold weather… the reason is that motors are often being asked to do more work due to motor oil thickened by the temperature.”

Another helpful tip that may come in handy is to maintain proper tire pressure on a weekly basis as “tires tend to deflate “once the temperature drops below 32 degrees.”

In addition to these suggestions is Insider’s advice to check your brakes at the start of winter and perhaps again mid-winter. The article cites an expert on the subject who states, “Remember, winter is a season and not a single driving condition. (You face roads) cold and dry, wet, slushy, covered in deep or packed snow, icy, and an endless variety in between.”

So, as Baton Rouge makes its way through winter, hopefully, both you and your vehicle will remain in good condition until warmer weather arrives.