BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD) – Are you looking to take your workout routine to new heights? If so, GymFit has the perfect activity for you. Aerial Silks is a full body workout.

“I gained a lot of forearm strength, core strength, shoulder strength and a lot of mental blocks have been shattered. I’m not afraid on the silks now. I’m not afraid of heights and I’m typically afraid of heights,” said aerial instructor Monet Ohlerking.

Her twin sister Monroe Ohlerking, who is also an aerial instructor, said it helps with flexibility.

“Muscles were sore that I never even knew were there. I’m like what’s this? I didn’t know this could be sore but it’s definitely sore and I see muscle now. Flexibility. You can do a split much easier than you can on the ground.”

Monet said aerial silks is also great for people with performance backgrounds.

“Silks is a great artistic outlet for anyone, especially people with a dance or gymnastics background. For me, whenever I’m listening to music and can just get up there and do a flow, I don’t even realize I’m working out.”

But don’t let the theatrics fool you, anybody can give it a try.

“Everybody says they can’t do it but the truth is, you can start at the very basic level and do just hangs and holding yourself or wrapping your hands and nobody wants to try it because they say they can’t do it but you don’t start up in the air you start down low and build from there,” said Monet.

Tap into your wild side and check out GymFit, for more information on classes.