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The holidays are full of chaos. Between shopping, cooking and holiday parties, it can feel like a constant green light.

Dr. Robert Drennan from the Cardiovascular Institute of the South said all of that can lead to excess stress. That’s why he encourages people to pump the breaks and relax a little this month.

“We push ourselves as much as we can at this time to entertain everyone and keep everyone happy, but you have to find time for yourself,” Drennan said.

Even if you can only squeeze in 15 minutes, taking time without distractions can reinvigorate you and clear your mind. 

Many people also have a little time off work, so try to enjoy it. Spend less time checking work emails and more time doing things you love. Also, don’t overload that social calendar. It’s okay to take a day to just lounge around in your pajamas. 

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