BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — On Thursday, the Home Depot released a short documentary film, “Hope Builds,” which focuses on behind-the-scenes of natural disasters across the nation and what it takes to rebuild those communities.

Natural disasters have been an issue around the globe for centuries. Some disasters were more phenomenal than others. In this documentary, corporations share their backstories on what it took to revive the community after such a catastrophic event and how it influenced Home Depot’s business, culture and other efforts.

The film goes in-depth with three prominent catastrophes. One being Hurricane Andrew, the Category 5 Hurricane that ripped through South Florida and Louisiana in 1992; a tornado dealing a sufficient amount of damage to Joplin, Missouri in 2011; and one of California’s deadliest wildfires in the town of Paradise in 2018.

“Thirty years ago, Hurricane Andrew changed our business forever. But most importantly, it
brought to light the power and spirit of our associates, and what we can achieve when we come
together to serve the communities where we live,” said Pete Capel, vice president of field
merchandising for The Home Depot and an associate of the company since 1992. “This
documentary captures the early days of our disaster preparedness and response efforts, the
inception of our Team Depot volunteer force, and the amazing associates, customers, partners
and communities we have the honor of serving every day.”

For over 30 years, Home Depot has helped communities with natural disaster preparedness and short and long-term recovery, alongside the help of the American Red Cross and other support groups.

Click here to watch the full documentary and more information about Home Depot’s disaster support efforts.