PLAQUEMINE, La. (BRPROUD) — In Iberville Parish, those on the west side of the bridge honored military veterans on this Veterans Day.

Governor John Bel Edwards a veteran himself was there.

Right in the heart of Plaquemine, residents saluted our veterans with an elaborate program. Not only was it a great way to honor our veterans, but also a great boost for the economy as well.

“We love them and what a wonderful opportunity that they have given all of us in this country,” expressed Plaquemine resident, Linda Johnson.

“It’s a great sense of pride that folks recognize the veterans and for the service that they did for the country,” said Port Allen American Legion Post 160 Commander Louis Osmer.

Iberville Parish locals recognized our bravest citizens with a Veteran’s Day Program. Osmer is a retired major who served in the Air Force. He says this event is put on annually.

“A chance to thank all those who gave up their lives to go serve for the country, move wherever they were told to go,” stated Osmer.

“I’m kind of excited because I love doing this. I love the fact that we do it,” said Johnson. “I love hearing what I’m hearing right now. So it’s just a good feeling, we have somebody who does the performance like the young man one year we had some young ladies who did it. We always have some high school kids who come out and play.”

Governor John Bel Edwards said he was blown away by the crowd of four to five hundred.

“This is one of the most elaborate Veteran’s Day ceremonies here in this state, but anywhere in the country, it is certainly the most well-attended,” he stated.

“It is just that camaraderie. Again, it’s something you usually don’t get in the civilian world. You go back even though you’re no longer serving active duty, you still have that camaraderie because everybody’s had the same, same experiences,” Osmer expressed.

Johnson said she has veterans in her family, so days like this are close to her heart.

“I have my dad, my brother, and a number of cousins who served in various branches of the service. So just to be out here because of that is just awesome for me,” said Johnson.

Osmer had a message for our special soldiers.

“We thank you for your service. I know the hardships that you and your family have to go through every day to do that.”

Leaders encourage you to take a moment and reflect today on those who have served our country.