IBERVILLE PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — Iberville Parish residents chose a new parish president and council members.

Across Louisiana, voters cast ballots for the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer.

“Chris” Daigle, Democrat, unseated Jessel “Mitchel” Ourso Jr., Independent, for the parish president seat. Daigle had 53% of the votes in complete but unofficial results on the Louisiana Secretary of State Office website.

Thomas Dominique Sr., Raheem Pierce, Nadia Jenkins, Chasity Martinez, and Matthew Jewell were elected as council members.

Races going to runoffs

The council member seat for District 4 will go to a runoff between Freddie Frazier Sr., Democrat, and Ronald Grace, Democrat. Frazier had 44% of the vote while Grace had 33% of the vote.

The council member seat for District 9 will go to a runoff between Terry Bradford, Independent, and Evan Cagnolatti, Independent. Bradford had 48% of the vote while Cagnolatti had 34% of the vote.

The council member seat for District 11 will go to a runoff between Kyle Booksh, Republican, and Charles Dardenne, No Party. Booksh had 49% of the vote, and Dardenne 43%.

Qualifying for state and local races was Aug. 8-10. If a race had only one candidate at the end of qualifying at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 10., that person is set to take office at the start of the next term.

Paul B. Distefano, Republican, withdrew from the assessor’s race.

The Secretary of State website lists Ryan “Ricky” Young, Democrat, as disqualified for the Council Member of District 1 race.

Marlene George, Republican, and Keithen Pugh, No Party, withdrew from the Council Member of District 10 race.

The following seats were filled in unopposed races: 

  • Sheriff: Brett Stassi, Democrat
  • Clerk of Court: Amy Matrirne Patin, Democrat
  • Assessor: “Randy” Sexton, Democrat
  • Coroner: James E. Grace, Republican
  • Council Member District 1: Shalanda Lewis Allen, Democrat
  • Council Member District 2: Chasity Berthelot Easley, Republican
  • Council Member District 5: Steve “Pine” Smith, Independent
  • Council Member District 8: Hunter Markins, No Party
  • Council Member District 13: Barton Morgan, No Party
  • Chief of Police City of Plaquemine: Stephen J. Engolio, Republican

The general election will be Nov. 18. Early voting is set for 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 3-11 (excluding Sunday, Nov. 5 and Friday, Nov. 10 in honor of Veteran’s Day). Learn where you can cast early ballots here.

Oct. 14 election results for Iberville Parish

Winners are in bold.

Candidates going to a runoff are in italics.

The following are complete but unofficial results from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website as of 11 p.m. on Oct. 14.

Parish President

  • Oneal “Elmo” Bosley, No Party: 299, 3%
  • “Chris” Daigle, Democrat: 5,959 53%
  • Jessel “Mitchell” Ourso Jr., Independent: 4,954, 44%

Council Member District 3

  • Thomas E. Dominique Sr., Democrat: 505, 59%
  • James “Jamie” Holmes, Democrat: 168, 20%
  • Ralph “Rocking Ralph 3×7” Lewis, Independent: 53, 6%
  • Joseph “Mr. Me” Oliver Jr., Democrat: 131, 15%

Council Member District 4

  • Freddie Carl Frazier Sr., Democrat: 222, 44%
  • Ronald “Ronnie” Grace, Democrat: 166, 33%
  • Ralph “Big Guy” Johnson Sr., Democrat: 122, 24%

Council Member District 6

  • Kevin “Big Puden” Ennis, No Party: 99, 14%
  • Raheem Pierce, Democrat: 622, 86%

Council Member District 7

  • Ty Arnold, Democrat: 402, 46%
  • Nadia Jenkins, Democrat: 463, 54%

Council Member District 9

  • Ida “Seadee” Anderson, Democrat: 195, 18%
  • Terry J. Bradford, Independent: 511, 48%
  • Evan Cagnolatti, Independent: 360, 34%

Council Member District 10

  • Louis “Pete” Kelley, Democrat: 531, 45%
  • Chasity Verret Martinez, Democrat: 650, 55%

Council Member District 11

  • Kyle Booksh, Republican: 468, 49%
  • Charles “Stormy” Dardenne, No Party: 410, 43%
  • Cyril Sexton, Independent: 75, 8%

Council Member District 12

  • Matthew “Matt” Jewell, Independent: 516, 57%
  • Sam W. Watson, Democrat: 386, 43%