ST. GABRIEL, La. (BRPROUD) — A plant in St. Gabriel will be the first in the country to create batteries for vehicles that promote a “cleaner” form of energy.

Energy leaders say this $100M project, led by “Koura”, a sector of Orbia, will give America the ability to produce more materials in-house like “LiPF6” batteries for electric vehicles.

“That’s significant with impacts on the environment, with impacts on the community, with creating opportunities for young people, for women, for minorities. It’s a grand slam home run. It’s a great day for Louisiana,” said Troy A. Carter, Sr., U.S. Representative.

Carter says the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions. Leading to a healthier environment for families to live in.

“It’s a great step to show that we are starting to transition into that greener, cleaner economy and starting it right here in Louisiana,” said Carter.

This initiative will also bring 80 new high-paying jobs to the area and scholarships for students.

“The thing that I don’t want overlooked is… the fact that this is an environmental win. I think that’s a great thing for a small town in Louisiana,” said Lionel Johnson Jr., Mayor of St. Gabriel.

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary, Jennifer M. Granholm says her mission is to make America more energy secure by closing the gaps in the supply chain.

“We don’t have to wait for a grant. It is happening now that there is an incentive to produce clean energy products. 30% tax credit for producing clean energy products,” said Granholm.

According to Koura’s director of operations, once the plant is up and running it will produce about one million batteries for electric vehicles per year.

Koura plans to break ground in 2025 and have the plant producing parts by 2026.

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