BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) ––– As Baton Rouge prepares for the sub-freezing temperatures on Monday, we are often told to protect pipes, plants, and especially our pets.

John Faust, a vet technician at the Animal Health Clinic, says for pets, “to keep them inside an ideal.” Pets should be kept in “anything that is raised, insulated, and blocked from the cold weather,” he adds.

“Even long-haired breeds like Huskies or any winter month breeds” need to be brought inside, he says. It is important to keep them warm and dry to avoid hypothermia or frostbite.

Keeping pets warm is not the only concern, Faust says pets can become dehydrated, “water bowls will freeze in this cold weather and they won’t have a source of water to drink.” Pets will also attempt to stay warm by eating more, so make sure you give them plenty of food.

Faust urges drivers to honk their horns or tap on their cars’ hood before starting their engines. Cats will often crawl into vehicles during the winter to keep warm.