Kenilworth Ridge apartments’ mold controversy

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The mold is still there; you didn’t fix the issue.

Frustrated with Kenilworth Ridge apartments’ management, Khanesha Pipes said, she’s tired of complaining about mold issues in her apartment.

When I found out it was mold, I reported that to you and instead of you coming to do your own research, you took my word for it, you came and cut the issue out and put plywood over it, it’s like if a kid waste something on the floor and you put newspaper over it and left it there. That’s pretty much what you did said Pipes.

Along with Black and Green mold spots along her wall and under her sink, Pipes said the odor is unbearable.

It’s been too toxic to go into that apartment. Before we go in there, we have to leave the door open and let it air out in there, I have a 1-year-old.

I took their concerns to management at the Kenilworth Ridge apartments but my questions were denied.

We are not allowed to speak with anyone, sorry said a Kenilworth Ridge employee.

After management slammed the door and closed the blinds on our crew, the property’s owner agreed to answer questions on camera. David Treppendahl, Owner of Kenilworth Ridge said he has to assess the problem before he can proceed with repairs.

Jonah Gilmore: If it’s not mold then why replace a piece of cabinet with plywood?

David Treppendahl: I don’t know exactly what the situation is, I would go out and investigate it, I’ll find out.

Jonah Gilmore: When will you be doing that, today?

David Treppendahl: No, I’ll do it tomorrow. This is not, I mean there is no one living in this unit, this is not urgent

A longtime tenant who wish to remain anonymous sent  a copy of a text message the complex sent out, along with pictures showing the same bandage fix as other residents. As the complex continues to replace the damaged areas with plywood, residents say, those short-term fixes are not worth long-term problems.

There’s no price for my safety or my children safety, my family, period
said Pipes.

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