BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The Louisiana Supreme Court has denied an appeal on the state’s abortion laws, allowing the trigger laws to remain in place.

Louisiana abortion clinics had asked the state Supreme Court to reverse an order from the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

“That means the clinics are closed at the moment,” said Angela Adkins, coordinator of 10,000 Women Louisiana.

Pro-abortion advocates like Adkins said they were hoping the ban would be blocked for a third time to keep clinics open.

“This is a continual denial of necessary healthcare for the women of the state of Louisiana,” she said. “Women will end up giving birth to babies they cannot afford to have.”

Anti-abortion rights advocates said the state is heading in the right direction.

“I feel optimistic and hopeful,” said Sarah Zagorski with Louisiana Right to Life.

Zagorski said she stands by the appeal and its time for it to stay that way.

“From the beginning, we knew and believed that our law would stand. We don’t believe it’s vague in any capacity,” said Zagorski. “Louisiana has been very clear from the beginning. The legislator is pro-life. Our governor is pro-life. Our citizens are largely pro-life.”

The plaintiff’s attorneys in the case provided the following statement:

“We are deeply disappointed that the Louisiana Supreme Court denied our emergency request to block these insidious bans. It is outrageous that people are unable to make personal decisions about their own health and that doctors can’t adequately provide life-saving care without fear of criminal penalties in the state. This will only worsen the public health crisis in the state.”

Kelly Krause, Media Relations for Center for Reproductive Rights

All trigger laws are back in place, including cases of rape or incest, because of the appeal. The laws do include exceptions in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

Chief Justice John Weimer recused himself from today’s ruling, citing a conflict with the attorney general.

It’s still not clear when arguments in the case will be formally heard.