BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – Everyone in Louisiana is one step closer to reliable internet access, according to Louisiana’s first Executive Director of Broadband Development and Connectivity, Veneeth Iyengar.

“What is going to be unique is the size and scale of this challenge that is impacting one out of every three Louisianans in the state,” Iyengar said. “We need to work at the same urgency that these people need this stuff.”

But the project isn’t cheap, it carries a price tag that’s hundreds of millions of dollars.

On that note, Iyengar said, “In Louisiana, we’re fortunate that we have three large federal pots of money.”

Some of this money has already been distributed, and now Louisiana must draft two plans to meet the qualifications necessary to receive the final chunk of funds from the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure bill.

“We submit that to the feds,” Iyengar explained. “If the feds say, ‘Hey, this looks good,’ then if we are very aggressive and somewhat lucky we will probably see the first twenty percent of our hopefully billion dollars plus sometime this time next year.”

BRProud will continue to keep a pulse on Louisiana’s attempts to access the final amount of funding.