LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — A Livingston Parish school librarian and her attorneys filed a motion for a new trial after a judge threw out a defamation suit in September.

In a statement online, middle school librarian Amanda Jones said she refuses to “cower to bullies” and is “concerned about the precedent this ruling sets for online bullies to freely and openly attack and defame hard-working educators and librarians as they use us as political pawns.”

Controversy sparked at a Livingston Parish Library Board meeting in July where several books containing content about sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex education were brought up for review.

“As a mother, and a lifelong resident of our community, I spoke at a local public library board meeting about the importance of books and materials that reflect the reality of our childrens’ world, and that engage them in learning,” Jones said. “In response, harassers are using harmful and divisive language to hurt my reputation, threaten me and my family, and frighten me into silence.”

The motion is asking the court to reconsider its judgment, which was signed on Oct. 11, and allow Jones to have the chance to make her case.

Jones claims that the defendants in the thrown-out case, Ryan Thames and Michael Lunsford, defamed her by using social media to make false statements about Jones. Statements made online allege that Jones believes in sharing erotica and teaching children sex acts.

“I decided I could not give up after the first round,” Jones said. “That is why I filed a motion that asks the judge to reconsider her ruling and proposes an amended petition that restates my claims. It is important that I continue to fight to protect myself and others from the horrible attacks I have faced, and to show all of our children that we must never give in to bullies.”

In her letter, Jones said she will be taking a medical leave from her job this upcoming spring as the “battle is taking an enormous toll.”

To read Jones’ full letter, click here.