WALKER, La. (BRPROUD) — After hearing Adrean’s story, the Livingston Parish Fire Protection helped him scratch an item off his bucket list.

BRProud brought you the story of 13-year-old Adrean Hawthorne back in August when he touched many lives in the Baton Rouge area. Adrean is battling a rare condition, Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy.

On Tuesday the team surprised Adrean at his doorstep to show him a day in a life of a firefighter.

“You have given me something I can’t even explain, something no amount of money can buy, something I can NEVER repay you for & I appreciate that so much! Knowing it’s only so much you can do as a parent to help your child at this point it’s things like this that keep me going, continue fighting, not breaking down or giving up!” said mother Adreana Hawthorne in a Facebook post.

Adrean has a GoFundMe account that helps pay for his medical bills and complete his bucket list. Those who want to contribute to Adrean can do so here.

Adrean’s grandmother, Ardonia Hawthorne says it has been a longtime dream of Adrean’s to ride in a fire truck. She promised him she will try to make that happen for him.

“Since Adrean was a toddler he had been amused with fire trucks. As he got older he always wanted to see what it was like to ride inside a fire truck. As we were talking about his bucket list I asked him if he still wanted to ride inside a fire truck. His eyes lit up and he said “ Yes, you think I can”? I told him I was gonna see what we can do to make that happen. I went to the 4th district first station in Livingston parish. This is where I met an AMAZING young man by the name of Matt Gallman. I told Matt Adrean’s story and that it would mean the world if he could take a ride or even just SIT inside a fire truck. Matt, without hesitation or reservations took my information and said he would make this happen that he just needed to check the schedule and set up a time . About a week later he reached out to me and we set a date. I was only expecting a “ FIRE TRUCK”. What Matt and district 4 fire dept did for Adrean was on a presidential level. There was the fire truck. Behind the fire truck there was a white pickup truck followed by two large white suvs all with their lights flashing. This was on a whole different level than what I was expecting. This IMMEDIATELY bought tears to my eyes. Adrean had no clue what was going on. He came out the door and looked so surprised. He said “ What’s this”? Each person greeted Adrean with such love and compassion. Matt then presented Adrean with a bag of goodies, a tshirt from the fire dept and an actual fire fighters hat. AN ACTUAL HAT THAT HAD BEEN USED IN ACTUAL FIRES! This really made the tears start to flow. They then asked Adrean did he wanna go for a ride. Once Adrean got to the truck each one of them helped get him in the truck and made sure he was secure. They then offered to take my other grandkids and my son in law for a ride. The smile on my grandsons face and the joy that filled my soul on this day cannot be explained!!! But what I will say is I thank God for Matt and district 4 fire dept of Livingston Parish and for ALL of the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every single day!! I could never find the words to thank you all enough. My heart is so full!!! District 4, this day has been and will forever be etched in our hearts for the rest of our lives and we will be forever grateful!! Thank you for making Adreans fight your fight too. We love you!!! #Adreanstrong”

His full journey is available below:

Doctors have given Adrean until Christmas Day to live. Adreana tells us as the date creeps closer her son is having good and bad days, but their focus is on living every day to their fullest.