LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — A Livingston Parish mother transferred her daughter to another school after she says a school misplaced her child.

Kristie Cook said that her daughter 5-year-old Lynleigh was so excited to attend her first day of kindergarten. However, after day one of school, now she wishes her daughter never attended Walker Elementary.

“It was the most traumatic experience a kindergartener could ever go through,” said Kristie.

Unfortunately, the problems started even before her first day of class. Kristie said that the school’s program called PowerSchool was giving her issues with her daughter’s legal documents.

“You had the opportunity on the Thursday at Open House, the day before school started to get this right and you didn’t,” said Kristie.

Finally, Kristie was able to upload documentation through PowerSchool for enrollment to be completed. The school confirmed they got the correct documents needed for to be on-campus at Walker Elementary. Lynleigh was sent back to class for the remainder of the day.

After school Kristie says Lynleigh was supposed to get on a van to go to aftercare. On her backpack were tags, which were color coordinated, to assign bus pick-up and van drop-off to go to the correct location.

Her daughter’s aftercare decided to call to inform Kristie, that the van driver had Lynleigh on her roll list. However, she was marked absent for the day by the school. The aftercare company told Kristie that her daughter did not show up to aftercare.

Kristie immediately hung up and called the school saying, “This is Kristie Cook, I just got a call from my daughter’s aftercare. They do not have her.”

According to Kristie, the school told her that she was absent for the day. Then says her daughter was placed on the wrong bus and dropped off to a stranger. Lynleigh was not supposed to be drooped off by the bus, her transportation tag, had her going to aftercare.

“At that point, my heart sunk… where is my child?” said Kristie.

According to Kristie, when she found Lynleigh, she says both were in tears about what happened.

Lynleigh told her mother that she did not want to return to that school.