WALKER, La. (BRPROUD) — A Livingston Parish student could lose it all after a high school principal gets ahold of a dancing video on social media.

“Basically the school is saying that my dance moves were like inappropriate and vulgar. And in the video, one of my friends, they were dancing and I was behind her like, you know, just having fun hyping my friend up,” said Kaylee Timonet, Senior at Walker High School.

Timonet has been a dancer since age two. She’s also a student at Walker High School in Livingston Parish.

On the night of Sept. 30, Timonet was enjoying what she thought was “innocent fun” at a non-school function after homecoming.

“I was told that I was the only one in the video and that I had to be the example,” said Kaylee.

Kaylee’s mom says she consented to the video. It was posted by the person hired by community members to DJ the annual event.

“I was at the party myself, and I actually even watched the dancing,” said Rachel Timonet, Mother of Kaylee.

The highlight of senior year was quickly ruined when Timonet was called into the principal’s office three days later for quote, “inappropriate dancing”. That same type of dancing is shown in a video of the school pep rally.

“They saw a video and that they’re kind of ashamed of what I was doing and everything like that. I just started busting out crying,” said Kaylee.

Timonet is an outstanding student with many leadership roles and a prestigious scholarship. All of that is now on the line.

“Since I have my name to so many different things at the school that I have kind of like higher stipulations on what I can and cannot do,” said Kaylee.

Rachel, Kaylee’s mom, says she was upset to learn that her daughter was sent to the principal’s office. 

“A child is not going to defend themselves against an adult, especially your principal and your assistant principal,” said Rachel.

Kaylee’s mom says her daughter was also asked about her religion and forced to watch the video again.

“Is this a religious school,” asked by reporter Sydney Simone.

“No, ma’am. This is a completely public school. I just know he’s very strong in his faith. They were worried about my afterlife because I wasn’t exactly fit in God’s ideals and Mr. St. Pierre printed me out some Bible verses,” said Kaylee.

But now, the 17-year-old left feeling distraught and embarrassed is getting some support from kids at Walker High. Students wore buttons to school saying, “Let the Girl dance” and t-shirts to the football game.

“Before they even saw that, they were ready to defend me because it wasn’t a school-sanctioned event,” said Kaylee.

We reached out to Livingston Parish Public Schools for a comment. A spokesperson for the district emailed a statement saying the incident remains under investigation.

Meanwhile, Kaylee’s future is still in limbo.

“Hearing that the best thing was taken away…Absolutely broke my heart. It was more than just a high school thing. That’s my future on the line,” said Kaylee.

Kaylee’s mom says she contacted the school board.