BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Qualifying for the upcoming races across the state is underway and election day is just around the corner.

The primary is set for Oct. 14. The general election will be Nov. 18.

Across Louisiana, voters will cast ballots for the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, insurance commissioner and commissioner of agriculture and forestry.

Qualifying for state and local races was Aug. 8-10. If a race had only one candidate at the end of qualifying at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 10, that person is set to take office at the start of the next term.

Meet the candidates for Livingston Parish

Unless noted, one is to be elected in each race.

State Senator, 6th District

  • “Rick” Edmonds, Republican
  • Barry Ivey, Republican

State Senator, 13th District

  • Valarie Hodges, Republican
  • “Buddy” Mincey Jr., Republican

State Senator, 18th District

  • Eddie J. Lambert, Republican

State Senator, 37th District

  • Randy Bush, Republican
  • Ivan M. Scioneaux Jr., Independent
  • “Bill” Wheat, Republican

State Representative, 64th District

  • Kellie Alford, Republican
  • Kellee Hennessy Dickerson, Republican
  • “Garry Frog” Talbert, Republican

State Representative, 71st District

  • Walley Avara, Republican
  • “Jim” Norred, Republican
  • Roger Wilder III, Republican

State Representative, 81st District

  • Jason Amato, Republican
  • Jeffrey F. “Jeff” Wiley, Republican

State Representative, 95th District

  • Aaron Ellis, Republican
  • Shane Mack, Republican


  • Jason Ard, Republican
  • Brett McMasters, Republican

Clerk of Court

  • Jason B. Harris, Republican


  • Jeffrey “Jeff” Taylor, Republican


  • “Ron” Coe, Republican

Parish President

  • “Jeff” Ard, Republican
  • “Randy” Delatte, Republican

Councilman District 1

  • Trevor W. Dunlap, Republican
  • Richard W. Eppinett, Republican
  • Shane Marler, Republican
  • Lonnie Watts, Republican

Councilman District 2

  • Ryan Chavers, Republican
  • Kyle “Hoot” Parker, Republican

Councilman District 3

  • Alli Castle, Republican
  • Maurice “Scooter” Keen, Republican
  • Brian Ross, Republican
  • Billy Taylor, Republican

Councilman District 4

  • Shelly Taylor, Republican
  • John Wascom, Republican

Councilman District 5

  • Joshua Ebarb, Republican
  • Erin Sandefur, Republican

Councilman District 6

  • Daniel “Dan” Burg, No Party
  • David Danna, Republican
  • John Mangus, Republican
  • Travis Tharp, Republican

Councilman District 7

  • Ricky Goff, Republican
  • Eric Havard, Republican

Councilman District 8

  • Kenny Bayhi, Independent
  • Dean Coates, Republican

Councilman District 9

  • Joseph “Joe” Erdey, Republican
  • DeWayne Harmon, Republican
  • Summer Smith, Republican

Justice of the Peace Ward 6

  • Lisa Hoover Cothern, Republican

Justice of the Peace Ward 10

  • Jessica Albarado, Republican

Constable Justice of the Peace Ward 11

  • Timothy Ricks, Republican

Aldermen Town of Killian

  • Lyndon Hendley, Republican
  • Ryan Kirkpatrick, Republican
  • Larry LeMaire Jr., Independent