BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — After a recent backlash on social media, the principal from Walker High School is requesting a leave of absence for the rest of the school year.

This comes after a video at a homecoming afterparty went viral for what he allegedly called inappropriate conduct and unreligious.

Many may know Kaylee Timonet by her new theme motto: “Let the girl dance.”

Timonet was seen in a homecoming dance video that’s gone viral, and it didn’t sit well with some administrators at Walker High School.

The following day, Principal Jason St. Pierre and the assistant principal called Timonet to the office, according to the family. They questioned her conduct and religious beliefs after the video surfaced on social media.

“The religious beliefs I would never bring that up. I’ve always been taught not to talk about religion or politics. And that’s something I avoid talking about,” said Timonet.

“I didn’t appreciate they had my 17-year-old daughter in an office without me because she was defenseless between two people of power that are grown-ups,” said Rachel Timonet, Kaylee’s mom.

Rachel said the principal tried to reach out and apologize, but she said it was too late. He’s sorry because he got exposed.

“When I went the day after they did this to Kaylee, I gave them the opportunity basically to do what was right and I really hoped before it got to this point that they were going to make it right. Maybe admit that they did wrong and give back what they took away from her,” Rachel said.

St. Pierre stripped Kaylee of prestigious roles from the Student Government Association and scholarship awards. In a recent statement, Pierre shared he would reinstate them.

BRPROUD reached out to the Livingston spokesperson and It’s unknown when they will be done.

“He also said he was going to reinstate Kaylee’s scholarship but I told him on the phone that was impossible because the date the scholarship had to be done was Oct. 3, which was the same day she had got in trouble,” said Rachel.

“Walker High School Principal Jason St. Pierre has requested to take leave for the remainder of the 2023-2024 school year. The district office is awaiting his paperwork to process his request,” said Livingston Parish Public Schools Superintendent Joe Murphy.

Kaylee’s fellow students are riding strong.

“Many students left class, walked out, and came back in or many students left campus and protested to support me,” Kaylee said.

“Not only is Kaylee subjected to this treatment, there have been numerous others. Either afraid to stand up or they tried to stand up and it was dismissed,” Rachel said.

Kaylee and her mom, hope to turn a negative situation into something positive. One day they plan to start a foundation called “Let That Girl Dance” to inspire and help other students.