BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Jewelry designer Ana Maria Andricain was just getting her fresh start in her hometown of Baton Rouge after a career in Broadway with her husband when she just returned from a trip in Costa Rica in 2014 that would change her life.

“I felt something wet in my bra and was like that’s weird.”

She then made an appointment with her gynecologist.

“She said it doesn’t look like anything. I’m going to send in the slide of it to see if anythings going on, but out of an abundance of caution, I’m going to send you to a specialist.”

The specialist said she developed a cyst in the duct of her breast which was causing irritation, which only had a two percent chance of being cancer.

“At that point when you hear the word cancer, suddenly you’re in the peanuts where you hear the teacher go whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp.”

Andricain was in that two percent and when going into surgery she found her inspiration for her next jewelry collection.

“I see the shapes in the sheets that they covered me with. I feel literally and figuratively draped in love.”

The folds of fabric designs in the pieces are what she considers folds of love.

“Copper is considered a healing metal and I have three little pearls on here because those are the women that were helping us through and on the back is a little pearl for men who had our back.”

She also writes custom messages to those getting the pieces as a request from customers, which she says is an added joy.

“A beautiful thing is to see the things that people say to each other and that I’m helping to facilitate that connection.”

Andricain hopes to continue spreading messages and be an inspiration for others to keep fighting and inform others to get tested.

“It’s not your fault you that you got it. We just have to help each other out and share the information to be aware of what’s going on and not let things like that go to the point where you don’t have choices.”

30 percent of each piece sold from the “Draped In Love Collection” will benefit Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and the many services they offer throughout their 18-parish service area.

You can find more on the collection through Jewel of Havana.