BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Crime remains at an all-time high here in the states and the suspects are getting younger and younger. The latest being a deadly carjacking last week over in New Orleans that left an elderly woman dismembered.

“I can’t tell you how many students I have seen that have come through my classroom are either now dead or they are in jail,” stated 100 Black Men Executive Director and East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Member Dadrius Lanus.

More and more juveniles are being locked up because of violent crimes. Lanus said this is heartbreaking to see.

“They are in a state where they have to protect themselves and also where they would have to take care of themselves, so we have to talk about what job growth looks like for them,” Lanus explained.

The former teacher said the biggest slap in the face is children being tried as adults.

“I think that’s a scare tactic, if you ask me, I think it’s almost antiquated way of looking at things. You don’t scare kids by trying to make them see things through the lens of an adult because what you find is that they’re already living like that and it’s based off the conditions of the neighborhoods where they live,” he said. “Until we put more holistic families approaches and support in those areas. You’re not going to change a thing.”

Lanus believes many of these youth crimes have been gang-related.

“Even when you look at the deaths or the assassinations, as I would call them around our city, these things are coordinated and they are specifically tied to gang-related culture,” he explained.

Senator Bill Cassidy zeroed in on crimes happening in the state.

“I’m constantly hearing from folks that they’re afraid to walk the streets in a city that they love. And we’ve seen examples of criminals committing violent crimes in broad daylight,” Cassidy said.

He said he’s in the middle of crafting legislation to help reduce crime in Louisiana.

“I’ll be announcing a package of bills shortly in Congress to help address rising crime rates and I look forward to having more on that to share,” he said.

He plans to release those details in the next few weeks.